About Aeroxon

Environmentally friendly and efficient insecticides are what Aeroxon Insect Control GmbH, a family business based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, has stood for over 100 years.

In 1909 a sweet manufacturer from Swabia, Theodor Kaiser, developed "The Fly Catcher with pull band", thereby laying the foundations for the company. The date the Aeroxon Fly Catcher was entered into the register of trademarks in January 1911 has always been considered the birthday of the Aeroxon brand.

In the years to follow the Fly Catcher was produced in its millions and by the end of the 1920's Aeroxon had grown into an internationally-operating business with 11 foreign subsidiaries. In the 50's the demand for Fly Catchers collapsed; chemical poisons dominated the market worldwide.

However, Aeroxon stayed true to its original principles and in the following decades concentrated on the development of insecticides that were both environmentally friendly and safe to use. Today the range consists of more than 30 products for controlling flying and crawling insects including moths. Innovations such as the Aeroxon Food Moth Trap, the Aeroxon Window Fly Killer or the Aeroxon Clothes Moth Killer Cassette, can be found alongside such classics as the Fly Catcher.

New products are developed in-house and tested by independent research institutes. The main focus has always been the safe and effective use of the products. Numerous awards from Ökotest, Woolmark or the eco-label “Blue Angel” and a high level of consumer loyalty prove the success of this philosophy. Aeroxon was again the leading brand in the German retail market (source: Nielsen household insecticides Germany 2019, sales figures Germany 2019).

Nowadays this medium-sized family business is run by Thomas Updike, the great-grandson of the original founder. Thanks to considerable investments in production technology and in the area of research, the company Aeroxon Insect Control GmbH is very well positioned for any challenges that the future may hold.

The company Aeroxon Insect Control GmbH in Waiblingen is certified according to ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems.

ISO Certificate 9001 : 2015

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