Aeroxon Ameisen-Stopp


Ant Stop*

  • Safe and effective control of ants and ant colonies in and around the home
  • Water-soluble granules for spreading or pouring
  • For outdoor use

Type of insect

Application time



Water-soluble granules containing an insecticide for the safe and effective control of ants and ant colonies. Suitable for use in and around the home, on terraces and garden paths.

Mode of action

Ants are killed by contact with the insecticidal granules. Applied as a liquid, ants and ant colonies can be controlled effectively in difficult to reach areas. The product contains a bitter additive to prevent ingestion by pets.

Active ingredient

Cypermethrin 5g/kg


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Instructions for use

Scatter the granules (10 g/m²) directly on to paths and areas on which ant nests are located.

To use granules as a pouring agent

To prepare a pouring solution, dissolve 100g of granules in 5 litres of water. One litre of this solution is sufficient for 1 square metre or for one ant nest.

Morning or evening, pour the solution directly onto the ant nest.

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More information

Aeroxon Ant Stop

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