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Crawling Insect Trap

  • Catches crawling insects, including cockroaches, woodlice and silverfish
  • Non-toxic and odourless glue trap with a bait
  • For bathrooms, living rooms, cellars and store rooms
  • Each trap is effective for 6 months

Type of insect

Application time



Cockroaches, woodlice and silverfish prefer warm, damp and mostly dark conditions. They are active at night and frequently found in bathrooms, kitchens, cellars and store rooms. Attracted by the non-toxic bait, the insects crawl into the trap and are securely trapped by the adhesive inner surface.


  1. To activate the trap, remove the protective paper with one quick movement.
  2. Fold the sides of the trap upwards along the crease marks.
  3. Remove a bait tablet from its packaging and place it in the middle of the adhesive surface.
  4. Seal the top of the trap with the insertable tab.
  5. Then place the armed trap in the path of the crawling insects (one trap for each area measuring 10m²) or stick it to a cupboard or shelf panel using the glue dot on the base of the trap. The trap should sit as flat as possible on the floor or other surface. Replace the trap after 6 months or when it is fully covered with insects. Continue to use the crawling insect trap as long as required until the infestation has cleared up.

Retain packaging until end of use. Ensure any active traps are kept away from moisture (remove traps temporarily during mopping of floors).


Crawling Insect Trap

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