Aeroxon Fruit Fly Trap

To control fruit and vinegar flies

  • Decorative, non-toxic glue trap with large catching area 
  • Effective up to 8 weeks 
  • For use in any room

Insecticide-free glue trap with natural attractant solution for catching fruit and vinegar flies. The trap can be placed right beside food.

Mode of action

The fruit flies, attracted by the natural attractant, are reliably caught by the sticky surface in the internal side of the trap. The effect of the attractant lasts up to 8 weeks after opening the bottle.

Active Ingredient

2 glue traps, 1 bottle with 40 ml of natural attractant

Before opening the bottle, leave it standing upright for at least 30 min. Place the bottle in the trap’s pedestal and unscrew the lid.

Remove the protective paper by pulling it off swiftly from the sticky internal side of the trap.

Place the trap in the slits of its pedestal. The side imprinted with fruit subjects points to the outside. After about 3-4 weeks or as soon as the sticky surface is full of fruit flies, replace it with the second glue trap provided in the box.

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My fruit fly trap doesn’t catch all fruit flies. I’m still finding small flies on my fruit, despite of the trap I’ve set in the kitchen.

Please place the trap directly beside your fruit. The bottle emits a vapour with the odour of a special vinegar mixture which attracts the fruit flies. In the summer months, overripe fruit should be disposed of quickly to prevent fruit flies from multiplying.