Aeroxon Langzeit Mückenschutz


Long-Term Mosquito Protection*

  • Safe and odourless protection against mosquitoes/gnats, tiger mosquitoes, flies and moths
  • On/off switch with indicator light
  • Effective period: up to 60 nights

Type of insect

Aeroxon Stechmücke

Application time



Kills mosquitoes and other flying insects in the room through the targeted evaporation of a liquid containing active substances. There is sufficient active ingredient solution for 60 nights of up to 8 hours use each time. One device provides sufficient mosquito protection for a room up to 15 sqm in size. For larger rooms, use more devices as appropriate.


  1. To unscrew the active ingredient bottle, press down and turn the lid at the same time.
  2. Keep the lid.
  3. Screw the bottle firmly into the electric evaporator*. 
  4. Plug the device into the socket (220/230 V) and turn so that the base of the bottle points downwards. By actuating the toggle switch - lamp glows red - the device is switched on. The protective action will start after approx. 30 minutes, once the operating temperature has been reached. One device provides sufficient mosquito protection for a room up to 15 sqm in size. For larger rooms, use more devices as appropriate. Change the device after 8 hours at the latest and ventilate well for at least 20 minutes. During use, keep windows and doors shut. Only replace the empty active ingredient bottle with an original Aeroxon® long-lasting mosquito repellent refill bottle. Retain packaging until end of use.

*Only 0.006 kWh of energy consumption

Long-Term Mosquito Protection

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More about Flies

Musca domestica

In comparison to other insects, flies stand out because they have a pair of wings. The hindwings, known as halteres, are club-like in shape and are used for flight balancing.


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