Aeroxon Fliegenköder Fensterstreifen


Window Fly Killer –Strips*

  • Fly Bait with food attractant for effective fly control at the window
  • No release of fumes or vapour into the air - Odourless
  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • Discreet – nearly invisible!
  • For use in any room

Type of insect

Application time



The Fly Bait –Strips is an adhesive plastic strip treated with a bait to control flies effectively in domestic situations. The baited strip contains a bitter additive to discourage accidental swallowing.

Mode of action

Once affixed to the window pane, the Window Fly Killer –Strips attracts flies. Shortly after ingestion of the bait (the active ingredient), the flies die nearby. Dead flies do not stick to the strip. The Window Fly Killer –Strips is odourless and does not release any fumes or vapour into the air.

Active ingredient

Azamethiphos 4,9 mg/g


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

  1. Remove the white front protective paper. Peel off the single strips from the backing sheet.
  2. Affix the Window Fly Killer –Strips to the window pane or window frame.
  3. One strip is sufficient for a room size of 15 m². Aeroxon Window Fly Killer –Strips lasts for one full season or until the bait is used up.

Do not use on inclined skylights!

Use Aeroxon’s reminder service!

  1. Scan QR code on package
  2. Activate reminder service
  3. Receive email after expiration of duration of action
More information

Aeroxon Window Fly Killer –Strips

More about Flies

Musca domestica

In comparison to other insects, flies stand out because they have a pair of wings. The hindwings, known as halteres, are club-like in shape and are used for flight balancing.


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