Aeroxon Window Fly Trap

Fruit Design

  • Glue trap to control flies in the home, conservatory, places of work, restaurants and caravans
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • For use in any room

Non-toxic and odourless glue trap with a large colour- printed glue surface for catching flies and fruit flies in any room.

Mode of action

The Window Fly Trap – Fruit Design takes advantage of the natural behaviour of flies. Attracted by warmth and light, they gravitate towards windows. The colours and contrasts lure the flies to the glue surface where they are trapped. The product is effective for at least one season.

Active Ingredient

Synthetic Glue

Remove the red adhesive strip from the back and attach the fly trap to the bottom of the window.

Holding one side of the trap pull off the front protective paper.

The product is effective for one season or at least until the trap is covered with flies. 

Do not use on inclined skylights!

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Why should your product "Window Fly Trap" not be used on inclined skylights?

Inclined skylights are generally exposed to more intense sunlight, which can lead to high temperatures on the windowpanes, partially liquefying the glue on the trap. Small drops of glue can then form on the heated surface and may fall due to gravitational forces. In order to avoid the soiling of an attached roller blind or carpet positioned under the window, we advise against the use of the product on inclined skylights.