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Yellow Glue Trap for indoor and balcony plants

  • Non-toxic, ready-to-use glue trap with special attractive colour
  • For use on plants indoors, in conservatories and on balconies 
  • Clean handling
  • For use in any room

Type of insect

Aeroxon Trauermuecke

Application time



Non-toxic, ready-to-use glue trap with special attractive colour. For control of harmful flying insects on plants indoors, in greenhouses, and on balconies.

Mode of action

The glue trap’s special yellow colour attracts flying insects such as whiteflies, fungus gnats (black flies), thrips and winged aphids. The pesticide-free and odourless glue captures pests firmly.

Once in use, the glue neither drips nor dries out. Watering the plants has no negative impact on the effectiveness of the adhesive.


The ten yellow glue traps can be removed individually from the package. They have glue on both sides and each is covered with protective paper. 
Use the glue trap for prevention. In case of heavy infestation, use one trap per plant.

  1. Place the yellow glue trap on the metal holder and pull off the protection sheet on both sides in one movement.
  2. For shorter plants and fungus gnats: insert the yellow glue trap to the metal holder and place directly in the soil.
  3. For taller plants and white flies: use the green twine to tie the yellow glue trap directly to the plant. Shaking the plant gently will flush out sitting insects and is favourable for a higher catching rate.

Glue spots can be removed with cooking oil or cleaning solvents.

Use Aeroxon’s reminder service!

  1. Scan QR code on package
  2. Activate reminder service
  3. Receive email after expiration of duration of action
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