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For an environmentally friendly approach to combatting flying insects on the farm and in the garden, we offer glue traps with a non-toxic and weather-resistant glue coating.

Aeroxon Stallfliegenfaenger 3D

Barn & Stable Fly Catcher

Catches up to 10,000 flies

  • Large trapping area
  • Attracts and traps 10,000 flies and more
  • Insecticide-free
  • Effective against insecticide resistant flies
  • For use in barns, stables, kennels and commercial premises
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Gelbe Insekten Leimtafel

Yellow Sticky Panels

Special, non-toxic glue that will not dry out

  • Highly attractive to pests
  • Special, non-toxic glue that will not dry out
  • Glue and panels permanently moisture-resistant
  • Trapping area: 20,000 cm3
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Aeroxon Baumleimring

Glue Band for Trees

For fruit and ornamental trees

  • Non-toxic tree glue band with 8.5 m fixing wire
  • Protects fruit and ornamental trees from winter moths, ants and aphids
  • Not harmful to beneficial insects and resistant to moisture
  • Effective for 6 months
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Mouse Trap

Reliable mechanical mouse trap made of wood and metal

  • Durable, high-quality mechanical mouse trap made of wood and metal 
  • For use in all rooms
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Award-winning products

Many of our products have been rated by Öko-Test, awarded the BLUE ANGEL environmental label, certified by Woolmark or are listed in the resource list for organic farming in Germany.

Clothes Moth Killer Cassette*

Fenster Fliegengitter

Window Fly Screen


Glue Band for Trees


Food Moth Trap*

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Where to buy our products?

Aeroxon products are stocked by all leading grocery stores, drugstores and specialised retailers.