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Barn & Stable Fly Catcher

  • Large trapping area
  • Attracts and traps 10,000 flies and more
  • Insecticide-free
  • Effective against insecticide resistant flies
  • For use in barns, stables, kennels and commercial premises

Type of insect

Application time



Insecticide-free fly catcher specifically developed to control flies in cattle houses, stables and pigsties. The flies are attracted by visual effects (contrasts) and then firmly trapped on the glue surface. The large trapping surface (2 x 200 cm x 20 cm) enables up to 10,000 flies to be caught. The Aeroxon Barn & Stable Fly Catcher is absolutely non-toxic and even effective against resistant flies.

Mode of action

The special shape as wells as the printed pattern (contrasts) on the trap are highly attractive for flies that are firmly trapped on the glue surface.


Pull both ends of the fly catchers apart and suspend it just underneath the ceiling.

For best catching results use more than one fly catcher.

The Aeroxon Barn & Stable Fly Catcher is effective for up to 6 weeks.

Do not hang in direct sunlight, drafts or in bird flight paths such as doors.

Product can be disposed of with normal household waste.

Frequently asked questions about the product

The glue-free area in the middle and at the edges of the barn & stable fly catcher is technically designed and has been implemented to prevent unwanted glue leakage while the fly catcher is being stored.  

More about Flies

Musca domestica

In comparison to other insects, flies stand out because they have a pair of wings. The hindwings, known as halteres, are club-like in shape and are used for flight balancing.

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Where to buy our products?

Aeroxon products are available, among others, at the following partners.

  • Agrar Shop
  • BayWa
  • Landhandel
  • Raiffeisen/Agravis
  • Stabilo
  • Vetro Star

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