Aeroxon Baumleimring


Glue Band for Trees

  • Non-toxic tree glue band with 8.5 m fixing wire
  • Protects fruit and ornamental trees from winter moths, ants and aphids
  • Not harmful to beneficial insects and resistant to moisture
  • Effective for 6 months

Type of insect

Application time



Ready-to-use glue band in a dispenser box. Protects fruit and ornamental trees from insects crawling up the trunk, for example, winter moths, ants and aphids.

Mode of action

The glue band forms a barrier that cannot be crossed by insects that crawl up tree trunks.  The non-toxic, moisture-resistant glue does not dry out and holds the insects securely. Gentle on beneficial insects due to the fact that the paper’s green colour does not attract them.    


Attach the glue band to a tree at the end of September/beginning of October (before the first frost) in order to protect against winter moths.

  1. Tear open the perforation on the back of the dispenser box and pull out the glue band through the opening.
  2. The glue band should be attached to the tree approx. 60 to 80 cm off the ground. For trunks with coarse tree bark, smooth out the grooves so that the glue band can lie flush against the trunk. Cut the glue band according to the trunk circumference (plus 10 cm overlap). Then wrap the glue band around the trunk with the glue-coated side facing outwards. Loosen the protective paper at the overlap. Glue together both ends of the glue and press firmly against the tree. Quickly remove the remaining protective paper from the glue surface.
  3. Use the enclosed wire to firmly secure the glue band to the trunk above and below the glue surface.
  4. A glue band must also be attached to tree stakes or supports below the connection point to the trunk.

It’s advisable to remove the old glue band and attach a new one in February/March. This prevents caterpillars which have hatched below the old glue band from climbing up the tree. Any foliage that sticks to the glue band must be removed in order to prevent bridges from being formed. Keep the package until you’ve stopped using the glue band.

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