Aeroxon Glue Band for Trees

For pest control

  • Non-toxic glue band to control winter moths, ants and other crawling insects
  • Not harmful to beneficial insects and moisture-resistant
  • Fixing wire included – ready to use
  • For fruit and ornamental trees

The Aeroxon Glue Band protects trees from all kinds of crawling insects. Fruit trees are specifically protected from flightless female winter moths which hatch on the ground after the first frost and lay their eggs in treetops. The caterpillars, hatching in the spring, cause immense feeding damage.

Mode of action

The pests are firmly trapped on the weather-resistant glue.

The Glue Band for Trees must be attached before the first frost. Smoothen the tree bark at a height of approx. 60 to 80 cm and place the Glue Band for Trees around the trunk with the glue surface on the outside.

Use the fixing wire to attach the band firmly to the trunk.

Tree stakes or supports must also be fitted with a glue band.