Aeroxon Food Moth Trap*

Effective moth control

  • Odourless glue trap with sexual attractant (pheromone)
  • Traps Indian Meal Moths
  • For use in kitchens or other storage areas
  • For use in any room

Odourless glue trap with sexual attractant (pheromone) for the capture of Indian Meal Moths. These moths occur in nuts, cereals, biscuits, chocolate, tea, flour, rice, pet food, wild bird food and other dry foodstuffs.

Mode of action

A sexual attractant (pheromone) incorporated in the glue, attracts male moths to the glue surface where they are firmly caught. Thus the reproduction cycle is interrupted and the risk of any new infestation is reduced. The Aeroxon Food Moth Trap is easy-to-use and odourless.

Active Ingredient

Z,E-Tetradeca-9,12-dienylacetat 0.286 g/kg

Open the bag with scissors and take one glue trap out of the pouch. Note the date of replacement on the trap (after 6 weeks).

Remove the red protective strip from the back of the trap to expose the line of adhesive that fixes the trap to its intended place. Use one trap per pantry/cupboard.

Remove the front protective paper. A sexual lure (the pheromone) is incorporated in the glue, so the trap is then active.

The Food Moth Trap should be replaced when necessary or the latest after 6 weeks.

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.