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Lavender Blossom

  • Pure lavender blossom from Provence
  • 3 months of pleasant fragrance
  • For use in wardrobes & drawers

Application time



15 grams of pure, dried lavender blossom from Provence in a decorative cotton sachet.

Mode of action

Open the cellophane bag and take out the Lavender sachet. Hang it up in your wardrobe by the attached string, or place it on top of garments in drawers or other storage units. The sachet releases it pleasant fragrance for at least 3 months.


  1. Hang the lavender blossom sachet over a hanger in the wardrobe. Use one sachet for wardrobes with a capacity of 1 m² (height 2 m x width 1 m x depth 50 cm).
  2. Alternatively, the sachet can be placed between the clothing.
  3. During application, kneading the sachet can increase the fragrance intensity.

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