Aeroxon Long-Term Moth Protection*

2 x 6 months moth-free

  • Effective control of clothes moths, black carpet beetles and their larvae
  • Protects reliably from any new infestation
  • Discreet scent of fresh laundry
  • For use in wardrobes

Ready-to-use Long-Term Moth Protection for the effective control of clothes moths, fur- and black carpet beetles and their larvae. Protects from any new infestation for 6 months. Discreet scent of fresh laundry. No skin contact with the active substance. Complete with indicator to show when the product should be replaced.

Mode of action

The larvae of clothes moths and fur beetles are responsible for damage to textiles caused by feeding (such as holes and bald areas). Once utilized the Aeroxon Long-Term Protection Unit kills existing moths, black carpet beetles and their larvae by the release of the active substance, and protects from any new infestation for 6 months.

Ative Ingredient

Empenthrin 87 mg/g

One Aeroxon Long-Term Moth Protection Unit provides sufficient protection for one wardrobe (1 m³ - e.g. 2 m high, 1 m wide and 0.5 m deep).

Note: Do not use in cupboards where food is stored.

Remove Aeroxon Long-Term Moth Protection from plastic packaging. Place inside wardrobe, trunk or clothes bag, ensuring that the slots are not covered. There is no possibility of the clothes next to the product becoming stained.

To ensure continued effective protection and a fresh scent you should replace the product after 6 months, by which time the tablet (the indicator) will have totally dissolved.

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

The white tablet has dissolved earlier than 6 months. Is the product still effective?

Yes, the product is still effective. Unfortunately the tablet dissolves quicker in temperatures above 26 °C. However, the effect of the Aeroxon Long-Term Moth Protection is not affected. The pink-coloured pad releases the active ingredient continuously over six months, irrespective of the ambient temperature.