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Clothes Moth Killer Cassette*

  • Kills immediately clothes moths, carpet beetles and their larvae
  • Protects reliably from any new infestation
  • With visual consumption monitor
  • For use in any wardrobe
  • Effective for 2 x 6 months

Type of insect

Application time



Clothes Moth Killer Cassette combats clothes moths, fur and carpet beetles as well as their larvae and protects against a new infestation for 6 months. With a visual consumption monitor and the scent of fresh laundry.

Mode of action

The larvae of the clothes moth or the carpet beetle are responsible for damage to textiles (holes or bare patches). Aeroxon Clothes Moth Killer combats all clothes moths, black carpet beetles and their larvae within a short time by emitting an active ingredient. One hanger protects textiles from a new infestation for 6 months.

Active ingredient

Transfluthrin 28,5 % w/w (entspricht 60 mg pro Hänger)


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

One hanger with active ingredient provides sufficient protection for a wardrobe (1 m³, e.g. 2 m x 1 m x 0.5 m).

  1. Separate the connected hangers.
  2. Hanger containing the active ingredient (white label): Use the protruding flap to peel off the transparent protective film. The active ingredient evaporates now constantly. Hanger containing  the fragrance that serves as a consumption monitor at the same time (red label): Peel off the silver protective film using the protruding flap. A subtle fresh scent is emitted through a membrane.
  3. Clip both hangers  together and position them in such a way that the ventilation slots are not covered. The colour does not stain neighbouring garments.
  4. Consumption monitor: At room temperature, the pink-coloured scent solution is fully evaporated after 6 months at the latest. The product should then be replaced for a safe protection against moths.

Use Aeroxon’s reminder service!

  1. Scan QR code on package
  2. Activate reminder service
  3. Receive email after expiration of duration of action
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Aeroxon Clothes Moth Killer Cassette

Frequently asked questions about the product

Yes, that’s possible. You can also use only the hanger, where the active ingredient evaporates continuously for 6 months. The second hanger (consumption monitor and fragrance) does not contain any active ingredient. The pink-coloured scent solution provides the scent of fresh laundry in the wardrobe and evaporates within 6 months.

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