Aeroxon Moth Repellent*

Reliable protection against clothes moths

  • Moth free for 2 x 3 months
  • With visual consumption display
  • A subtle, fresh fragrance in your wardrobe

This moth repellent protects fabrics from clothes moths for 3 months and, at the same time, gives off a subtle scent of fresh linen.

Mode of action

Small amounts of the fragrant moth repelling mixture of active ingredients are continuously released via a membrane. Fabrics in wardrobes, drawers or clothes chests are protected from clothes moths for up to 3 months. One bubble of fragrant moth repellent provides sufficient protection for a 1 m³ cupboard.

Active Ingredient

Azamethiphos 0,32 g/l

Tear the card along the perforated lines to separate.

Fold the rear surface downwards, then bend the rear surface protector upwards.

To activate the bubble, slowly remove all the protective film starting from the bottom and moving towards the top.

Then insert the rear surface protector below the bubble in the slot provided.

Hanging: Detach the rear surface and remove the hook shape along the perforated line. Hang the moth repellent on a clothes rail or hanger.

Positioning: Insert the rear surface with the tab under the narrow strip of the rear surface protector and position the moth repellent.

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.