Aeroxon Organic Waste Bin Powder

Non-toxic powder eliminates bad smells in refuse bins

  • Non-toxic and odourless mineral powder
  • Binds moisture in organic waste
  • For all bio bins and rubbish bins

Economical, non-toxic gritting agent to combat the unpleasant odours of organic waste. For use in bio bins and rubbish bins.

Mode of action

The liquid which collects at the bottom of bio bins can ferment and lead to odour nuisance. The non-toxic mineral powder binds humidity, thereby preventing the production of unpleasant odours in organic waste. After just a few hours, the powder absorbs liquid of up to five times its own weight.

In winter the powder hinders freezing of the rubbish in the bio bin.

Before first use, turn the dispenser cap to "Press" and push in. The desired spray pattern can be regulated with the screw cap.

Scatter a scarce layer of Aeroxon Organic Waste Bin Powder over each new waste layer in organic waste bins or refuse bins.

If possible, put the bio bin in a shady spot and clean regularly. Organic Waste Bin Powder residue can be dissolved with water.

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