Aeroxon Fliegenklatsche


Fly Swatter

  • Robust fly swatter with a flexible head

Type of insect

Application time



Robust fly swatter with a flexible head. The head has been developed so that no marks are left on the wall when the product is used correctly.

Mode of action

When used properly, insects are killed by the shock wave without showing any external alteration.

Active Ingredient



Free yourself from annoying insects on walls and windows with a light tap of the fly swatter.

More about Flies

Musca domestica

Flies not only bother humans and pets, but due to their habit of landing on food as well as on waste and faeces, they are also transporters of germs and parasites which can sometimes be dangerous…

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Where to buy our products?

Aeroxon products are available, among others, at the following partners.

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  • Wasgau

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