Protecting nature and biodiversity

Cooperation with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation for the protection and preservation of orchards

Set up by a well-known wildlife filmmaker in 1994 and guided by its motto “diversity is our nature”, the foundation pursues, among other things, the aim of preserving the last refuges for rare animal and plant species through practical natural conservation measures. Under the aegis of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, Aeroxon® supports current projects for the protection of orchards.


Planting heritage fruit orchard trees in the “Green Band” near Duderstadt in the county of Göttingen

In the “Green Band” along the former inner-German border an orchard is being planted with traditional fruit varieties over an area of 3 hectares. Spread out over two years, 200 different fruit trees (including apple, pear, cherry, plum, mirabelle) will be newly planted. This project will make an important contribution to the preservation of biological diversity in the area.

The first fruit tree was planted on 2 October 2019 together with Aeroxon Insect Control GmbH from Waiblingen.

At the end of November 2019 the orchard already boasted 100 professionally planted trees. Fitted with supporting posts and trunk covers they are well protected against storms and browsing by wild animals.


Saving heritage fruit trees in the district of Orsingen-Nenzingen in the county of Bodensee

A project run by the foundation on Lake Constance aims to save heritage fruit trees. The trees are spread out as stand-alone specimens over a large area in the district of Orsingen and are subject to special protection and preservation. Aeroxon® supports the foundation first in the scientific inventory-taking and then in the implementation of suitable measures for the stabilisation and revitalisation of this unique tree population.

Supporting Schwäbisches Streuobstparadies e.V.

The association Schwäbisches Streuobstparadies e.V. aims to preserve the largest continuous orchard landscape in Central Europe in the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. Aeroxon® supports the association in the information area of the Mössingen Orchard Centre and in maintaining and preserving orchards.


Hochstamm e.V.

Supporting Hochstamm e.V.

Hochstamm e.V. from Urbach is devoted to the protection of orchard habitats. Aeroxon® supports the work of the association, whose members invest a great deal of time and energy in nurturing heritage fruit trees and planting old and new fruit tree varieties.


The association’s land, in total an area of around 20,000 m², is predominantly located on steep slopes near the Urbach Landslide. The orchards are organically managed by the association’s members and provide a home for countless insects, protected bird and plant species as well as rare animals. For this work the association was granted the Landesnaturschutzpreis country conservation award in 2015.