Silberfischchen Köderdose
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Silverfish Bait Station*

  • Effective control of silverfish indoors
  • Odourless
  • For use in any room

Type of insect

Application time



Sturdy metal tin containing a highly effective bait for the control of silverfish.

Mode of action

Attracted by the smell of the bait, silverfish crawl into the tin, eat the bait and die in their hiding place.

Active ingredient

Cypermethrin 35 mg/g (45,5 mg/tin)


Silverfish love warm moist environments, and like to eat starchy and sugary substances (including wallpaper paste and book covers).

Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

  1. Make a dent in the tin at the perforations on the side using a hard object (a coin or similar).
  2. Place the Silverfish Bait Station where silverfish are suspected.
  3. The Aeroxon Silverfish Bait Station is positioned at affected locations. The silverfish consume the insecticide bait and die in their hiding places within a few days.

Use Aeroxon’s reminder service!

  1. Scan QR code on package
  2. Activate reminder service
  3. Receive email after expiration of duration of action
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Aeroxon Silverfish Bait Station

Frequently asked questions about the product

The bait stations can be opened using a sharp object on the oval markings indicated. Do not apply the object (e.g. scissors) to the middle of the oval marking but directly on the raised, pre-punched line around the outside. It is easiest to push in the openings at this point.

The intake of dead silverfish does not pose a health risk to pets.

Since the active ingredient in the silverfish bait station has a low toxic potential for mammals, the contents (insecticidal bait) would have to be swallowed approx. 660 times in order to cause dangerous poisoning in a 3 kg animal (small cat).

The silverfish also absorbs very little of the active ingredient. A 3 kg pet would have to swallow about 2.5 million silverfish in a short amount of time in order to experience serious poisoning.

More about Silverfish

Lepisma saccharina

Silverfish belong to the Apterygota and have no wings during any stage of development. They get their name from their teardrop-shaped bodies and from the silver scales that the older insects usually…

Continue reading, go to insect insights ...

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