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Yellow Sticky Panels

  • Highly attractive to pests
  • Special, non-toxic glue that will not dry out
  • Glue and panels permanently moisture-resistant
  • Trapping area: 20,000 cm3

Type of insect

Aeroxon Trauermuecke

Application time



These yellow glue panels are used to control whiteflies, midges, aphids, thrips and fungus gnats. Both available sizes (10cm x 25cm and 40cm x 25cm) are made from 100% yellow polystyrene and are coated with a special water and ultraviolet light resistant, non-toxic glue. The yellow colour attracts pests which then stick firmly to the glue.

Mode of action

Because of the specially developed and tested colour, these yellow glue panels are extremely attractive to insects.


At least 2 panels are required per 5 m² of greenhouse area or for flowerbeds of up to 3 m length to provide effective pest control. If there is a strong infestation, more glue panels should be hung up to match the severity.

Pull the cover panel off upwards and put to one side. Separate the glue panels from one another by pulling them apart and attach the provided hangers to them. Hang the panels above the plants in close proximity. Place the cover panel back onto the remaining glue panels and store in the bag.

Note: Any glue residue can be removed with cleaning solvent.

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