Aeroxon Kleidermotten-Falle


Clothes Moth Trap

  • Pheromone trap to monitor infestations of clothes moths 
  • Effective for 3 months
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • For use in every wardrobe

Type of insect

Application time



Non-toxic, odourless and ready-to-use glue trap with sexual attractant (pheromone) to monitor and detect infestations of clothes moths on clothing, carpets, materials, soft furnishings and upholstery. Effective for 2 x 3 months.

Mode of action

The sticky inner surface catches moths drawn to the trap by the pheromone incorporated in the glue. This pheromone mimics the scent released by the female moth, thereby attracting the male. It is very specific to the clothes moth and will not attract other species. Thus any infestation can be detected early.

Active Ingredient

Sexual attractant (pheromone), glue


  1. Open the bag with scissors and take the glue trap out of the pouch.
  2. Fold the flaps at the side towards the inner surface and remove the white protective paper with one quick movement.
  3. The trap is now active and will work for 3 months.
  4. Once assembled, position the trap at the intended place (in the dark, away from draughts, doors and windows).

Use Aeroxon’s reminder service!

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  3. Receive email after expiration of duration of action
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Aeroxon Clothes Moth Trap

Frequently asked questions about the product

Wurden durch die Leimfläche der Kleidermotten-Falle versehentlich Textilien verklebt, lassen sich die Leimverschmutzungen mit Feuerzeugbenzin inkl. Fleckenentferner, Wasch- oder Reinigungsbenzin entfernen. Nehmen Sie die gelösten Leimsubstanzen mit einem Lappen auf. Diesen Vorgang ggf. mehrmals wiederholen.  Wenden Sie diese Mittel bitte sehr sparsam und gemäß der Gebrauchsanleitung an. Vor Behandlung der Leimverschmutzungen empfehlen wir, an einer unauffälligen Stelle die Farbechtheit zu prüfen.

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